Scorpio New Moon is all about shifting oneís thinking.Itís about changing and transforming how we see our world.Start your day with things that uplift your soul and spirits.Find humor in your world and reframe your life.Jack Frost did that with his post yesterday.For a deep belly laugh and possibilities check out his blog at

Reflection Questions!

  1. 1.† Where do you need to shift your mind and heart thoughts?
  2. 2.† How can you reframe this event to find the humor in it?
  3. 3.† Who can you talk to about some of your deeper questions about the meaning of life?
  4. 4.† Have you completed your New Moon Vision Board?

Affirmations and Intentions:I intend to find humorous lessons in everything today.I enjoy the pearls of wisdom that come my way.

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Happy Birthday to PoetryMan!Wow another Scorpio!No wonder your poetry reflects such deep insights!No wonder you are into fractals!Awe inspiring!

"I am more and more convinced

that our happiness or our unhappiness

depends far more on the way we meet the events of life

than on the nature of those events themselves."

(Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt)

Happy Dance in the Moonlight!

Believe in Miracles Manifesting after the New Moon!

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